Scottish tax is changing

With our help, you can meet your payroll requirements and plan to mitigate your tax liabilities.

The changes are significant and can mean some major differences in computing income, but we have the knowledge and the skills to help you through these changes.

There are now 4 rates of Scottish tax compared to just 2 in the rest of the UK.

Personal Allowances are the same, and National Insurance is not affected.

Tax adjustments for pension contributions, charitable donations and Marriage Allowance will be affected by this change.


What are the major differences ?

Earned income - wages and salaries - are subject to Scottish tax if the employee is resident in Scotland. 

Unearned income - dividends and interest - are still taxed at the UK tax rates.


About the different Scottish tax rates

The new Scottish Tax system will replace the 20% tax bands with rates of 19%, 20% and 21% and the higher rate of tax in Scotland will be 41% rather than 40%.

Basic rate tax reliefs will apply at the 19%, 20% and 21% band.


Lose the worry

We are Nicolson Accountancy, an award winning firm of accountants.  We can help you comply with all the Scottish and UK tax regulations.

We are a BACS payroll bureau and authorised by HMRC (and that means by Revenue Scotland too) to act for all payroll taxes, income tax, corporation tax and VAT.

Our team are based across our three offices providing high quality advice and support to over 2,000 clients across the UK; and beyond.

We can also help with international tax issues, and also specialise in Norwegian Tax.

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